The Third Eye

It must be around 25-30 years ago, when I laid my hands on a simple 35mm film point and shoot with a fixed lens and infinity focused camera. It was so exciting that we had finished almost half a roll of film right at the store much to the giggles of people around me. I was a celebrity then, one of the rarest of the rare breeds who owns a camera. One of the rarest of the rare breeds who thinks that he could actually afford the cost and maintenance of this expensive hobby. Not having a steady source of income then (Well steady is redundant consider I had no income in reality), it soon dawned upon me that it is not a hobby that I would be indulging in.

Fast forward to present now, photography is still an expensive hobby, but the costs have shifted. Capital investments have become sky high, while maintenance and pursuit of your hobby has become extremely affordable.The rarest of the rare breeds are those now who do not have access to any sort of photographic equipment. A lot has changed in the past 3-4 decades in photography, but not the artist in you. While access to equipment and tools are extremely in abundance , the breeds of best photographers are still a rarity.

This is just a casual hobby for me which I indulge in when I get time apart from the mandatory shoots that needs to be done for every other stuff we do in life. I am just another drop in the ocean of folks for whom photographic equipment has become easy to access. I am still learning and nowhere near even beginning amateur. This attempt is just to showcase what I think has been some of my best shots. Feel free to review, rate, comment and criticize

See through my lens HERE

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