He was going to live forever, or die in the attempt. – Joseph Heller, Catch 22

I am talented, brilliant and enterprising apparently based on comments I have received from a lot of folks. I guess it is pointless to rationalize their actions as they have no choice but to say that, however looking at it from a realistic perspective, there is something else which overshadows all these apparently great qualities and the plan simple fact is that I am bone-dry lazy. I love to travel, but just don’t get around doing that and more often that not it is because the quantum of work in getting this planned kind of puts me off. Time to get over this stuff. Life is short and better start enjoying yourself than falling into man-made traps of ambition, money, achievement, purpose of life and all such meaningless. Having said that my purpose in life is just the basics. Eat well, sleep well , stay fit and healthy and do not be a pain in the butt for others. Well, what has that got to with this site. Nothing actually. This is going to be a collection of of my travelogues (Solo or otherwise), show off my non-existent photographic skills, technology talk, why I love trains and my crazy train rides, meaningless posts, interesting articles across the web, faking intelligence, stuff to tickle that funny bone a bit and stuff. When I lose my mind in due course, I will get back here to reaffirm my identity.

Enter at your own risk HERE

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